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Welcome to the AC Installation Dubai page. If you are searching for an air conditioning installation service near me then your search ends here as you find a reliable AC installation Dubai company. We offer comprehensive AC installation services from the best air conditioning system fitting space selection, cleaning of the space, drill holes, electricity upgrades, AC fitting, and AC duct installation to the connectivity of AC with the electricity.

We have a team of expert AC technicians who have hands-on experience in AC installation. We deal with the different leading brands’ latest models and you can get top-notch AC installation service from us. We deal with window AC, split AC, floor-standing AC, inverter AC, centralized AC, and any other AC installation in Dubai. We offer customized solutions to add the touch of client personality to their space. Our services come with the most affordable rates.

We are here every time to cater to your needs. Contact our team and book your AC installation slot now.

AC Installation Dubai Service

  • Once you sign an AC installation contract in Dubai with us, our technicians with their tool kits visit your place at the assigned date and time.
  • Our team will inspect the space and find the best spot with a consultation with the client.
  • Using their tool kits, they find a reliable way to install the compressor outside and the air conditioning system inside.
  • Once all the AC installations in Dubai are completed, our AC technicians connect it to the electricity.

This way, our AC installation Dubai service completed and your room is ready to welcome the cool air.

ac installation Service Dubai

Sizes Of Air Conditioning System

We Ali Repair Works deal with every size of air conditioning system in Dubai. Our AC technicians are experienced in catering to every kind of air conditioner installation task. Here are the sizes of the air conditioning systems installation services our AC technicians specialize in,

  • 1 Ton AC Installation Service
  • 5 Ton AC Installation Service
  • 2 Ton AC Installation Service
  • 5 Ton AC Installation Service
  • 3 Ton AC Installation Service
ac installation Service Dubai

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AC Installation Dubai Cost

AC installation in Dubai cost depends on multiple factors. There is no specific cost as the price is decided as on the length of each project. The factors on which the AC installation cost depends include, how many AC systems you want to install, the brand of your air conditioning systems, the complexity of the task, the type of air conditioner you want to install, the number of handymen involved, and whether you need any electricity upgrade or not.

These and many other accumulative factors decide the AC installation in Dubai cost.  To get a free quote about your next AC installation in Dubai, give us a call at +971 50 3644008 with your itinerary.

Why Us?

Out of all AC installation companies in Dubai, Ali Repair Works is a reliable trusted name in the home. maintenance market. Here are the reasons,

Latest Tool Kits:

Our AC technicians are equipped with the latest tool kits to perform AC installation at any residential or commercial place with no hurdle. Our AC technician’s tool kits are handy and contain wrenches, screwdrivers, refrigerant leak detectors, multimeters, and tube benders.

Expert AC Technicians

We have a team of licensed AC technicians. Our AC technicians are experienced licensed, knowledgeable, and selected from a rigorous selection process.

Reliable Service

We offer a reliable AC installation service. Your new air conditioning

The emergency AC Installation system is in safe hands when you book our AC installation service. We take preventive measures to avoid any problems and provide a huge quality AC installation service.

Unparalleled Customer Service:

We have a team of professionals who are available for you any time of the day on the other side of the phone. If you have any query or emergency, call us and get your problem solved right away.  Our customer support team will help you with anything you want to know or book a service with us.

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Out of all the AC installation companies in Dubai, Ali Repair Works is the best with its on-time AC installation service.  We offer comprehensive AC installation services, such as the handyman service for picking up the AC to its desired location, electricians for any electricity upgrade or excessive wiring, and AC technicians for smooth installation. We provide high-quality services whether it’s AC installation, repair, or maintenance service. We offer our AC installation service at the most affordable rates. With the latest tools and equipment, we are providing top-notch AC installation service.

 Our AC technicians are experienced in the installation of centralized ACs, window ACs, floor-standing ACs, split ACs, inverter ACs, and others. Our AC technicians have years of hands-on experience in installing AC of every brand and model. We also offer emergency AC installation Dubai service anywhere in Dubai. We are a call away from you. Get a free quote for our AC installation service with your project details and let our professional take care of your cooling system.

Contact us at +971 50 3644008 and meet the professional AC technician team of Ali Repair Works!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An AC-related service where an AC technician with their tool kit and client suggestion installs the air conditioning and duct system and then connects it with the electricity of the space.

There is no specific cost of an AC installation Dubai service. It depends on many factors such as the the complexity of the task, the length of the project, and the number of AC systems needed to be installed.

Our AC technician’s tool kits are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment such as wrenches, screwdrivers, refrigerant leak detectors, multimeters, and tube benders.

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